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Malinda Hartong, Cincinnati Ohio + Travel 513-245-4100

Cincinnati Photography Classes

Learn how to Really Use YOUR Camera

mahWelcome! Thanks for visiting! I’m Malinda Hartong, a photojournalist with over 2 decades professional experience shooting both still images and video, daily news & features. 5 alarm fires to 300 weddings, business portraits to wildlife,…

You might recognize the name, especially with husband Glenn working as a newspaper photographer for over 25 years; I was on staff 6 years & freelancing for over 10. I’ve shot with everything from a Hasselblad to a Pentax K1000, to today’s Nikon & Canon slrs plus iPhone & iPod Touch, and love them all. But my real passion is helping YOU make great shots.

“I learned more in 2 hours than an 8 week class!” after just the 1st class of our popular DSLR Beyond Auto workshop – it’s filled with detailed practical tips!

butterfly flying on the next butterfly bush at the park

Nikon, 200mm lens, ISO 400. f 3.5, 1/2500. ©MHartong

UPDATE: we’re working on a brand new website experience. While we tweak things you might see a little bit of strange stuff, but it’s ok, just us working out the kinks on new features.

There’s always more to learn. Teens, moms, grandparents, teachers, PR pros, executives & even other journalists have made some really amazing photos after our workshops & lessons. Put our 20 years behind the lens to work for you!

Photo & video workshop clients include:

  • Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center
  • Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • Society of Professional Journalists
  • Cincinnati Art Museum – educators event
  • Great Parks of Hamilton County – marketing staff
  • Best Buy – Camera Experience Workshops, Florence KY, for Blue Pixel

Honestly it’s not about the camera, lens, or software but how you use it! It’s time to get more out of your photos. My goal is to help you make photos you’re proud of and excited to share – so I’m sharing all my best pro secrets to help you do just that!

Absolute beginners – skip the aggravation of AUTO! Learn easy quick tips for your new camera to capture amazing photos right away! Don’t worry – I was a beginner once too – I know it can seem daunting. But you’ll be making jaw-dropping shots in no time!

We have fully detailed handouts for today’s most popular models – with specific techniques & which buttons to use to get the shot!

DSLR Beyond Auto!

Learn how to USE your camera! 2 fall sessions: 9/1-22 evenings, 10/10-24 Saturday mornings! This class regularly fills up - Don't miss it!

Private Lessons

Learn how to shoot & edit amazing photos one to one with Malinda's simplified tips & tricks for Pro results in no time!

20150503 Butler County Challenger Baseball plays on donated land at Crawford Woods in Hamilton. bcchallenger.org © Malinda Hartong, Hartong Digital Media llc, Cincinnati Ohio.

Butler County Challenger Baseball  bcchallenger.org © Malinda Hartong

After a recent lesson, a mom lamented that she had invested loads of time with videos and books to try to learn how to get the image she wanted. But those things didn't show her how to use HER specific camera and it's settings. After ONE 2 hour lesson, she was absolutely giddy, wide grin, practically skipping, excited to put things into practice like actually knowing how to get her camera to focus on what SHE wanted, and using her telephoto lens to get really great portrait shots of her family! THAT's why I LOVE helping folks really understand how to USE their cameras! Handouts even have detailed info on your particular camera settings for capturing action, nailing focus, and so much more! (I shouldn't tell you this but I made a sweet grandmother curse the other day... she'd had her camera for a while and was frustrated trying to get great photos of her (forever moving) granddaughters. After I showed her some really easy action-stopping tips, she cursed out loud and smacked my arm, laughing. She just couldn't believe how easy it was to change 1 or 2 buttons and get amazing shots!)

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Photo Walk October 3

Join us again this year as we celebrate the annual World Wide Photo Walk

What Clients say

  • izzyI took the Beyond Auto Mode class and Malinda taught me to do something I have been trying to do for 10 years. Take a picture of Izzy and see her pretty blue eyes. Her method of teaching with her passion of photography will make you fall in love with your camera like the first day you bought it. Honestly for all the books I tried to read and videos I watched trying to understand my camera better she did in just a few simple classes. TAKE THE CLASS!!!!!!
  • I loved my one on one lessons with Malinda! She debunked all of the myths that photography is some crazy, intense secret that only geniuses can understand. She explained everything simply and really improved my understanding of light, posing others for portraits, and my overall knowledge of my DSLR. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to improve their camera knowledge.
  • Malinda is very knowleadgeable on all cameras and was able to answer tons of questions. Loved the class.
    Diane, DSLR Beyond Auto
  • You approached this very middle of the road. I never felt like you were treating/talking to me like I'm an idiot but at the same time not too far above my head. This was great! After the 1st class I already know why some of my previous pictures sucked.
    Jen, DSLR Beyond Auto
  • Loved it! Clear, packed with info. Friendly knowledgeable instructor, good slides, great handouts.
    Carol, DSLR Beyond Auto
  • Seeing photo examples side by side helped me understand concepts much better than reading my manual.
    Chrissy, DSLR Beyond Auto
  • (Favorite part of DSLR Beyond Auto class) Manual vs auto focus on lens - changed my photos BIG TIME!. Malinda is fabulous!
    Leah H
  • Great experience and a great class. Very clearly presented... appreciate the care you take to simplify.
    Cathy L
  • I actually know how to use my camera now. I am very grateful. I can't wait to explore and use all the buttons now that I know what they mean.
    Katie K
  • Great news! I had one of the top 5 photos at Photo Club! First time! And all because of your great teaching. Thanks so much! You were so patient for a novice like me.

  • I had a private one-on-one + friend photography lesson with Malinda at the park last week. I really love how I can just sit and ask her many questions over the period of 2 hours and get them all answered plus take pictures to get more experience with the camera. I am still new to this and I'm sure I have many more questions but with each lesson and year, I get better. Thanks Malinda!
    Jennifer R
  • I have taken other photography classes and read books but nothing really clicked with me.  I desperately needed help in getting my camera out of scene mode and Malinda’s straight forward instruction helped me focus on the basics of what is important when taking a photo.  It already seems less intimidating and I have taken some awesome new photos.
  • I am so very glad I found Malinda and took her class. She has been informative, patient and always willing to help or answer any questions that get thrown her way. No matter what your skill level is, she breaks things down so you actually get it. If you're thinking about taking a class, do it, you won't regret it.
    Jennifer C
  • I was so excited to take pictures today of my kids in the snow and feel confident doing it!  Hands down, your class is the best $125 I've spent in a long, long time.
  • Today was the first class...WOW. I learned more about my camera in 2 1/2 hours than I learned in a 6 week intro to DSLR I took last year at an art school. Malinda is fantastic.
  • Very informative. Demystified my camera.
  • WONDERFUL! Well worth time & cost. Malinda is fantastic. I've learned more in the last 3 weeks than the last 10 years! Wish I would have discovered Malinda years ago… great tips and tricks, equipment reco's, examples of what to do, what not to do - meeting others is a great aspect to the class. Looking forward to editing classes! (DSLR Beyond Auto)
  • WONDERFUL! I'm not ready for it to end! Favorite Part - hands on, handouts based on our personal cameras. (DSLR Beyond Auto)
  • I learned things on the 1st day of class that I didn't even realize I didn't know! I loved it all! (DSLR Beyond Auto)
  • I feel like I've started learning a new language and now I have all of the basic tools to build from.
  • Loved it, very informative & easy to follow. Loved the class. Thought I had a good understanding of my camera/techniquees before class but now I feel so much more confident!
  • Even better than I hoped for. Day one alone was worth the price of admission."
    Loved it all, but day one was my favorite because I learned so much, especially  about how to use my particular camera. I had read the manual but this was so much better.
  • Great way to learn - 2 hour "bites" - very helpful understanding how to use my camera. I am now smarter than my camera. Favorite part: Before/After pictures, technical stuff like ISO, f# for each shot.
  • I've learned so much in such a short time. I wish I had taken the class sooner! It is well worth the time, effort, and money. (YAY! Another successful DSLR Beyond Auto Mode workshop!)
  • Fantastic! I learned a ton. (And it shows from his photos! WOW!) Malinda was very knowledgeable and filled the class time with valuable and great information. (Aw Shucks) ... Thanks for a great class! (My pleasure!) Favorite Part: Everything. Malinda was great answering questions when anyone had a question or comment on what she was teaching. Suggestions: Make the class longer. (cool!)
  • "Very awesome! I think I may be smarter than my camera now. I've taken other "beginners" classes before and this one hands (DSLR Beyond Auto) down has taught me how to actually use my camera." (YAY! Mission accomplished!)
  • I liked the interactive aspect. I learned a lot about lighting and the possibilities of the camera.
  • I feel more comfortable using my camera now.
  • I just placed my first "print" order filled with better, more professional looking photos than I have ever done. Thank you for showing me the way in your class and critiques.
  • It was very informative - helped me understand my camera and how to use it to it's potential. Great instruction - Malinda's very patient... explanation simple, easy to understand. Answered questions without making me fell dumb. DSLR2
  • Loved it! Very informative. I learned alot that I couldn't figure out from the manual.  DSLR Beyond Auto Mode Workshop
  • DSLR2: Beyond Auto Mode: "Very helpful, ... not intimidating, easy to follow along, excellent for any skill level."
  • The Pro Series Portrait Workshop was incredible this morning. I learned so much, and more importantly, can apply it to my photography immediately. My only regret is I should have done this sooner. It would have saved me a ton of money and frustration.
  • Thanks Malinda! Your help this morning with post processing was invaluable!! Looking forward to another session next month.
    Danielle M
  • After Digital Photography 101, favorite part - "photo demos - showing how different you can make your photos if you know how."
  • I loved learning about the settings. The exposure class was very helpful
  • Lots of info but not 'over my head'... learned a lot. I don't feel as intimidated by my camera anymore.
  • What an amazing 1-1 appointment! I cannot thank you enough for sharing so much invaluable information... and in a relatively short amount of time. You have an honest and enthusiastic approach to teaching that is fun and refreshing. The added bonus... you have saved me from hours and hours (and hours) of doing things the hard way! Time is money, and because of your time saving tips, I will have more of both!
  • Great class. alot of difficult information explained in an easy to understand way. Taking it to real life examples of work she did was very helpful. (favorite part) tips & tricks of working some shots. Hands on help to make sure everyone learned their camera.
  • On two occasions I’ve had the pleasure of attending professional development classes with Hartong Digital Media. I look to Glenn and Malinda as leaders in educating visual storytellers in the multimedia frontier. They left me inspired and informed.
    Michael Balash, Editorial Photo Dept, Respository
  • Its amazing how much I learned in such a short time.
  • Great Class. Perfect for my current needs. I was inspired to shoot & experiment more. Lots of great info. Great hand outs
    Laura Anne
  • Now that I’ve taken this class, I do feel I have a better understanding of taking pictures the best way I can. I can’t believe how much is on my camera and I’ve had it for 6 years.
  • I got a good idea of how to use the A, S, & M functions on my camera, and I feel much more comfortable with it now.
  • Malinda, as I count blessings, I am thankful for you. Thanks for always helping me, ready to answer any questions, even if I already asked them 5 times before (; , for imparting your “photographical wisdom”, for teaching me, for your patience, for always getting back to me. This is your profession, and I know your time is money- and I am grateful! And even more so, thanks for nudging me to begin to think like a photographer. You are a wonderful lady and a class act!!!
  • There are many aspects of Elements. The actual selection was guided somewhat by questions. In this format the class covered what participants wanted to know. This interaction with small class size optimized learning. Outstanding Class! Favorite part: Personal interaction with the class. The subjects introduced in class give a sound basis for further learning between classes.
  • Thank you so much for inspiring me to become a better photographer. Your classes, generosity and expertise of photography is truly amazing. I have found your classes to be very informative, fun & Inspiring. You are a great role model and wonderful teacher, and i feel so honored to have met such a wonderful person.
  • I had an amazing 1on 1session with Malinda this week. I HIGHLY recommend her. She is patient, answers any questions, is funny and very engaging. Best of all we sat on her front porch surrounded by beautiful nature while I learned. You won't be disappointed.
  • Thank you so much for my 1-1 photography class. I really enjoyed working with you. Your experience has been a great help while I work to improve my own photography and editing knowledge!! Looking forward to working with you in the future.
    Mary Rose
  • After working with Malinda in my 1:1 class I feel more able to take “photographer” quality pictures. After sharing some recent shots with her she easily identified several things for me to correct to help enhance the way my pictures turn out . Her advice on how to use my camera was very informative and really enhanced my latest round of photos taken. Malinda also gave me pointers using Photoshop. One pointer in particular will save me hours of wasted time. The class was worth every penny.
    Stephanie R

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