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Freeze fast action & capture sharp focus in our Camera Workshops
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Perfect for new camera owners to get started on the right foot. All ages welcome, iPhone to SLR, private lessons or group classes.

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mahWelcome! Thanks for visiting! I’m Malinda Hartong, a photojournalist with over 2 decades professional experience shooting both still images and video, daily news and features, even studio work. You might recognize the last name, especially with husband Glenn working as a newspaper photographer for over 25 years, and I was on staff at the local paper 6 years plus freelancing for over 10 before that. I LOVE teaching folks of all ages & skill levels how to get the most out of their camera & editing – creating absolutely amazing images! Honestly it’s not about the camera, it’s how you use it – let’s work together to get the most of Your Photos!

“I learned more in 2 hours than an 8 week class!” after just the 1st class of our popular DSLR Beyond Auto workshop – filled with easy pro tips you can use today!

From iPhone to SLR to video & multimedia, I’ve taught everyone from teens to moms to teachers to executives & other professional journalists. Based in Cincinnati Ohio, I love to travel. Please explore! Contact me with any questions! My goal is to help you make amazing photos.

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DSLR Beyond Auto Workshop

This popular class is filled with easy pro tips & tricks for your dslr or mirrorless camera. Jan & Feb/Mar sessions registering now.

Wanda's excellent photo of a labrador retreiver catching a ball in Cincinnati after 1-1 Camera Lessons with Malinda Hartong, Hartong Digital Media. Wanda used a Canon 70D with a EF-S18-135mm at 135mm and over 1/2000 shutter speed to freeze the ball mid-air and dog mid-catch.

Your Shot!

Check out Wanda's excellent photo of a labrador retreiver catching a ball in Cincinnati right after just 2 1-1 Camera Lessons. Canon 70D, 18-135mm at 135mm, over 1/2000 shutter speed to freeze the ball mid-air and dog mid-catch. Great Job!

1 to 1 Lessons

Learn how to shoot & edit amazing photos one to one with Malinda's simplified tips & tricks for Pro results, even for absolute beginners!

What Clients Say

  • My lessons helped so much! I know how to turn the camera on (funny girl!), and feel I know enough to play around to find the picture I like best. I love being able to tell (hubby) something he didn't know about! Laurie, whose husband is the one that gave her the lessons. lol!
  • I can finally use my camera without being on the auto mode! I have tried watching instructional videos and reading books without any luck. After taking your class I have the confidence to use my camera the way it was designed to be used. I'm excited to keep practicing and keep improving! Thanks again for everything! I am amazed by how much I have learned!
  • I just completed a 4hr one on one session with Malinda. I am new to the photography world. I have learned so many things from her. She was mindful of my lack of experience. And instructed me accordingly. She guided me with suggestions to better my pictures. I look forward to taking more of her classes!! She is an amazing teacher!!
  • Today was the first class...WOW. I learned more about my camera in 2 1/2 hours than I learned in a 6 week intro to dslr class I took last year at an art school. Malinda is fantastic.
  • I am in your Advance DSLR workshop on Saturdays in Evendale and I just want to thank you.  I've always wanted a creative outlet, but couldn't draw, sculpt, or paint.  I'm very left brained and have always been a little envious of my creative, artistic sister.  I've always loved taking pictures and now with this class I feel that I have found my creative outlet.  I'm so excited to finally start understanding ISO, f stop, etc and use the capabilities of my camera to take the tips you have given us to create some beautiful photographs.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks!
  • Great way to learn - 2 hour "bites" - very helpful understanding how to use my camera. I am now smarter than my camera. Favorite part: Before/After pictures, technical stuff like ISO, f# for each shot.
  • I was not familiar with the camera at all so the workshop helped immensely! Malinda showed me how to use the settings, gave me tips on how to take the best pictures and critiqued my pictures to help me learn from my mistakes. She also came out to my office and help to set up our photo room, which was a huge help.
    I thought the workshop was perfect - all my questons were addressed and Malinda was very flexible in working with me.
  • Fantastic! I learned a ton. (And it shows from his photos! WOW!) Malinda was very knowledgeable and filled the class time with valuable and great information. (Aw Shucks) ... Thanks for a great class! (My pleasure!) Favorite Part: Everything. Malinda was great answering questions when anyone had a question or comment on what she was teaching. Suggestions: Make the class longer. (cool!)
  • I just placed my first print order filled with better, more professional looking photos than I have ever done. Thank you for showing me the way in your class and critiques.
  • I've learned so much in such a short time. I wish I had taken the class sooner! It is well worth the time, effort, and money.
  • The technical skills we gained from our crash course was absolutely priceless for getting these interviews shot. ... never would have been able to use the natural lighting the way we did without your training. I can't thank you enough. ... the confidence we gained through your training has made all the difference.
    Michelle & Megan
  • I feel like I've started learning a new language and now I have all of the basic tools to build from.
  • Even better than I hoped for. Day one alone was worth the price of admission."
    Loved it all, but day one was my favorite because I learned so much, especially  about how to use my particular camera. I had read the manual but this was so much better.
  • We purchased a new DSLR camera a couple of weeks ago and picture quality has greatly improved for a novice user. All pictures with the new camera to date were taken in auto mode or pre-programmed modes. When purchasing the camera, I asked Malinda which camera, lenses, etc. I should purchase to make the right choice. She steered me in the right direction and we were able to make a smart purchase. Today I took my first photography class in a 1:1 setting & it was awesome. I learned so much in the 2-3 hours with her to improve the quality of our photos by not using the "auto" mode and using various camera functions to improve quality. I would highly recommend the introduction class from Malinda if you want to learn how to get full use of your DSLR camera. This won't be my last class. Thanks Malinda!
  • I was so excited to take pictures today of my kids in the snow and feel confident doing it!  Hands down, your class is the best $ I've spent in a long, long time.
  • I am so very glad I found Malinda and took her class. She has been informative, patient and always willing to help or answer any questions that get thrown her way. No matter what your skill level is, she breaks things down so you actually get it. If your thinking about taking a class, do it, you won't regret it.
    Jennifer C
  • I had a blast the other day shooting with you. I learned more in two hours than I did in my whole photography class in college. I could easily tell that you are passionate about taking pictures and you rubbed that off onto me.
  • Had a great two hour session with Malinda. She is so easy to work with and never makes you feel like an idiot! She helped me solve some issues I was having with lighting and correct camera settings. I have had a chance to practice and my photos are much better. Thanks Malinda!
  • Malinda, thank you so much for the wonderful tips on using my  new camera. That night, I went outside to photograph the moon and the next day I used my camera to photograph an area that had very little light.  On both occasions, I was able to navigate my camera to get a decent picture.  Thank you for your patience and your willingness to help me through the process of accessing  features of my camera.
  • Thanks for much for such a great lesson! I was worried about only having two hours to spend with you, but we managed to cover so much in such a short amount of time and I walked away feeling so much more confident about using my "fancy" camera! It's so helpful to actually know what all of the buttons and settings do ;) It was really helpful as well to have live examples to look at and to be able to practice in different settings. I look forward to more sessions in the future!
  • It just feels good when it all comes together. All moving parts locked in!It's nice when your lessons all come together! Nailed it even though the boat was bouncing as much as the tubes. Evernote Camera Roll 20140731 153924
  • We had a great time! I was really impressed with how prepared you were, with print outs simplifying the camera functions and examples of photos on your iPad. I think anyone who purchases a DSLR owes it to themselves to invest in an instructor lead class, to be able to utilize all of the wonderful functions of an SLR. Otherwise, might as well buy a point and shoot. Looking forward to our next session!
  • I had a private one-on-one + friend photography lesson with Malinda at the park last week. I really love how I can just sit and ask her many questions over the period of 2 hours and get them all answered plus take pictures to get more experience with the camera. I am still new to this and I'm sure I have many more questions but with each lesson and year, I get better. Thanks Malinda!
    Jennifer R
  • Amazing, wonderful, very organized, very informative. Loved the class and can't wait to start practicing! Will never use AUTO again! Can't wait to take more classes.
  • I like that Malinda is enthusiastic about photography. Her excitement is contagious. I gained a deeper understanding of my camera. It was time well spent.
  • I have taken other photography classes and read books but nothing really clicked with me.  I desperately needed help in getting my camera out of scene mode and Malinda’s straight forward instruction helped me focus on the basics of what is important when taking a photo.  It already seems less intimidating and I have taken some awesome new photos.


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