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Moving subjects – switch to CONTINUOUS focus mode – constantly adjusts & tracks subject as you 1/2 press shutter button.

Fix Focus On Your Digital SLR Nikon Camera

Factory settings for can be confusing and very frustrating when it comes to focus on a Nikon Digital SLR Camera, and explaining what all 3 buttons do together can get a little complicated but here goes. Hopefully afterward you’ll be able to change them to suit your subject and get more successful shots. It just takes some practice…


Fix Focus On Your Digital SLR Canon Camera

Factory settings can be confusing and very frustrating when it comes to focusing your Canon DSLR, and explaining what all 3 buttons do together can get a little complicated but here goes. Hopefully afterward you’ll be able to change them to suit your subject and get more successful shots. It just takes practice…

Well, it happened. iPhoto has been replaced. The new app, Photos, is available with an OS X update. It’s very similar to the iPad & iPhone app – making the Mac even more like your mobile devices.

Here are some tips right out of the gate to get you started. (more…)

atfd-mh4743After 20 years of photojournalism, photographers develop relationships with people we see all the time, especially firefighters and police where Glenn & I are concerned. We’ve shared their triumphs as well as their tragedies, honored to use our skills to document what they go through as they serve their communities.

Mourning Loss of Firefighter Paramedic Kevin Ollier, Sept 12 2014

These images are often hard to make, but they should be. It’s difficult to see your friends greave and still work to make the best images you possibly can.

I’ve posted over 50 images of those images to share with our fire family, as well as their communities.

wwpw_hartong0132014 Worldwide Photo Walk Schedule

8/11/2014: Open Walker Registration 

Register for our Covington Historic neighborhood/Riverfront/Skyline walk here.

Register Now for WWPW 2014

Check out photos from this route from 2011 here.

10/03/2014: Leader Registration Deadline
Once you have been approved to lead a walk, you must choose an area and register the walk by October 3, 2014

10/11/2014: Walker Registration Deadline
Walkers will be able to register for a photo walk up until the day of the walk. This will let walk leaders take into account same day signups.

The Worldwide Photo Walk: 10/11/2014

We’ll meet in front of the Marriott RiverCenter by 8:45am. At 9 am we’ll walk along the river with views of the Roebling Suspension Bridge, then Riverside Drive along the river, back along 2nd Street, then grab some lunch around noon.

10/11/2014: Walker Photo Upload Opens
Walkers will be able to upload their best image to their city page on the Worldwide Photo Walk website starting October 11, 2014

10/27/2014: Walker Photo Contest Deadline
The deadline for walkers to upload images for their city walk page is 12:00 noon Eastern Time on October 27, 2014

10/31/2014: Walker Winner Selection Deadline
Photo walk leaders will need to pick the winner of their local photo walk by 12:00 noon Eastern Time on October 31, 2014

11/01/2014: Leader Competition Opens on Flickr
Photo Walk Leaders will have a separate competition where we can select one of the best images of that group. Walk leaders can submit their best image starting November 1, 2014 via Flickr

11/03/2014: Grand Prize and Finalist Winners Announced
Scott Kelby’s choices for the Grand Prize Winner and 10 Finalists will be announced on November 3, 2014

11/07/2014: Leader Competition Submission Deadline
Photo Walk Leaders that are participating in the competition will have until 12:00 noon Eastern Time on November 7, 2014 to submit their best image

11/17/2014: People’s Choice Competition Opens
All participants in the photo walk can start voting for their favorite images in the People’s Choice Competition on November 17, 2014

11/19/2014: Leader Competition Winner Announced
The winner of the Leader Competition will be announced on November 19, 2014

11/21/2014: People’s Choice Voting Closes
The deadline for people to vote for their favorite images in the People’s Choice Competition is 12:00 noon Eastern Time on November 21, 2014

11/21/2014: People’s Choice Winner Announced
The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced on November 21, 2014


Cincinnati Magazine Creative List

I’m so excited to be featured by Cincinnati Magazine in their post on the Top 5 Places to Get Creative in Cincinnati.
I feel so blessed to share my passion for photography with all of you! Mission accomplished with all the great feedback after the latest DSLR Beyond Auto Workshop at Clifton Cultural Arts Center yesterday, and a fabulous 1-1 lesson after that with “new camera parents”. They went from absolute beginners to pretty confidently taking great photos of each other in 2 hours. It doesn’t get better than that! I can’t wait for the next lessons and classes. Spring will be arriving soon – Who’s excited?!

Upcoming Photography Classes

Private Camera Lessons – indoors or outdoors, your location or ours.
Digital SLR Quick & Easy – Loveland – Sat March 22
Digital SLR Beyond Auto Mode – Clifton – April 5-19 – Saturday Mornings
Editing Photos with iPad – Evendale – Mon April 28, 7-9pm

Painting photos with ipad app

Painting photos with ipad app

retouching and painting photos with ipad

photo before painting with ipad


clifton-mapI’m excited to announce new photo workshops for 2014! I’m adding a few workshops at Clifton Cultural Arts Center & Grailville in Loveland. Here’s what’s coming up for early 2014:

Digital SLR Beyond Auto Mode

Our Winter sessions of this workshop are 3 Saturday mornings from 10am – 12:30pm for just $125. We include time to practice before the end of class, trying the settings we’ve discussed during that class.

January 11-25 – Evendale Cultural Arts Center

February 8-22 – Clifton Cultural Arts Center (see map) Register here for Clifton’s February Session, $125
Register Now for Clifton workshop

Photographing Children

January 8-22, 2014 – Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 4-5pm. Join me for this 1st session at a special introductory price of just $59. This workshop is geared to parents trying to make better images of their kiddos, whether using a Point & Shoot or SLR camera.
Register Now

iPad & iPhone for Seniors & New Users

February 4, 11:30-1:30pm, Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Jump into iPad & iPhone with this 2 hour class geared to new users & seniors. Just $49
Register Now

Digital SLR Quick & Easy

Grailville in Loveland – so excited about having 300 acres to explore in nice weather! Our 1st chance is March 22. Cross your fingers for great weather!

Got a sec?

Please take a moment to help with your feedback/suggestions for locations, workshops…
Your response is completely private – we never share your personal information. You’re free to remain private if you like… THANKS!


Glenn’s photo walk is posted. Here’s a shot from last year’s group.This year he’s following roughly the same idea as mine (which is full with a long waiting list).

Cincinnati World Wide Photo Walk with Glenn Hartong, Cincinnati Enquirer Photographer

When: October 5, 2013. Meet at 9am.

Where: The Banks, Smale Riverfront Park by the Suspension Bridge

Cost: Parking & lunch. No charge for the photo walk.

Why: It’s Fun to take photos of downtown. We’ll be answering your questions (& shooting you shooting) along the way.

For photos from last year, visit Glenn’s Flickr group here 

Malinda’s group photos from 2012.

Details: Please visit this World Wide Photo Walk 2013 post for full details.

About Glenn Hartong

20130619-6773 This could take a whole blog by itself. Let’s just say “hubby” is a busy photographer & video producer, with 20 plus years of DAILY photo & video experience, shooting EVERYTHING from horrific tragedy to kindergartners at play – sometimes within an hour of each other.

Been there, done it all. He shoots Canons at work and Nikons at home. He can answer about ANY photo related question you can throw his way – from studio to sports. He has so many news & video awards (Emmy nomination), he only has room to put up the 1st place ones, and not even all of them. His photo credits start with National Geographic and span the globe, literally, from NY Times to Washington Post to … well, you get the picture. He’s ‘capable’ and FUN! Plus he loves to teach as much as I do.

All Photographers are welcome to walk

All Welcome! Absolute beginner to Professionals!

Walk & shoot at your own pace. You can bring friends or family if you like. Photographers only need to register.

We’ll be scattering in the area of The Banks for lunch afterward. Please stay tuned here, facebook, and our Walk pages for updates. You must be signed up as a photographer, not on waiting list, to receive walk update emails.

Your contact information is not made public. We don’t even see it.

World Wide Photo Walk Cincinnati with Glenn Hartong

World Wide Photo Walk Cincinnati with Glenn Hartong


Just Keep Shooting

I’ve photographed countless butterflies going about the business of hunting for their next meal. And I just keep shooting. With unpredictable subjects (almost everything right!?), you just keep at it and hope for the best.

Yes, being prepared and setting your camera helps too.

butterfly flying on the next butterfly bush at the park

ISO 400. f 3.5, 1/2500. ©MHartong


Photographing The Banks & Fountain Square

World Wide Photo Walk 2013 Cincinnati featuring Fountain Square & The Banks

World Wide Photo Walk 2013 Cincinnati featuring Fountain Square & The Banks with Malinda Hartong, photojournalist, photo workshop instructor

Saturday October 5, 2013, 8:30am – Noon EST

We’re leading a group for The World Wide Photo Walk 2013 again in Cincinnati! YAY! This is the 6th year for the photo walk and Glenn & my 3rd year in a row to lead a group of 50 camera-toting folks around town. What fun!

Open to All Abilities & Experience Levels

You don’t need to know how to use your camera to join us. iPhone to SLR – you’re all welcome! (more…)

How to set White Balance for Better Outdoor Images

Most cameras, especially on FULL AUTO MODE (typically a green square symbol), are set to Auto White Balance. As with other settings, taking control over AUTO white balance can dramatically improve your images.


What is White Balance?

White Balance is a digital camera setting you can change to adjust the overall color of the image. White balance is based on light source – from standard household light bulbs to the sun outdoors.

For this post, let’s concentrate on outdoor light.

What color is Sunlight?

Daylight – light emitted from the sun – or lack thereof – is not just 1 color. It varies so much! Here are a few variables that change the “color” of daylight.

  • time of day: morning, high noon, evening, dusk
  • time of year: Spring, Summer, Winter
  • distance to equator/elevation: Midwest vs Southwest
  • direct sun or shade
  • and very importantly – weather – and so on.

More Color on Overcast Days

With rain and cloud cover comes gray skies. Great for soft even light – even nice for some portrait shoots, but not so great for colors. That’s where white balance comes in handy.
change camera mode to Program with top dial

change camera mode to Program with top dial

STEP 1: P for Program Mode

When in FULL AUTO (green box), your camera may not let you change settings like White Balance. Let’s switch to Program mode to have more control.
TIP! Make sure ISO is sets properly for your light level and action requirements. If  in doubt – set ISO to AUTO. That’s another topic…

STEP 2: WB Setting

Canon: look for the WB on the top of the “circle” of buttons on the back.

Nikon: (3100, 3200, 5200… & similar style) Press the (i) button 2 times on the back lower left. Then move to WB setting by pressing up or down on the control wheel on the right.
adjust white balance

Adjust white balance

Changing White Balance from AUTO (AWB) to CLOUDY typically makes colors look richer and a bit warmer.
white-balance-hartongStill not warm enough? Shift to SHADE to further reduce a blueish cast to your images. 
Sometimes I’ll even use CLOUDY or SHADE to “rush” evenings’ “Magic Hour”.
Magic hour is a term used by photographers to describe beautiful low glancing warm light that happens about 2 hours before sunset. It’s gorgeous to shoot in. I’ve had portrait subjects just walk toward the light with great results. To “fake” some of that warm glow, try changing your white balance.
CLOUDY – usually a bit warmer than auto – bring back some color on gray days.
SHADE – less blue, more orange. Try it for more color in sunset skies (with a stop underexposure). Looks like a small house with hash marks on the side.
Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.
And post a few images on my facebook page or flickr to let me know how it’s going! Want to know more? I’d be happy to help with a 1-1 lesson (in person or skype) or check out when the next group workshops are happening.
Great Blue Heron, Winton Lake during a 1-1 Photo Workshop: Shade | Cloudy | Sun white balance settings.
Helicopter flies through Evendale after my workshop that ended at 9pm. The sky was STUNNING! Shot on cloudy white balance and -1EV made it even better. iso 800, f 5.6, 1/1600, -1 EV, cloudy wb
iso 800, f 5.6, 1/1600, -1 EV, cloudy wb

iso 800, f 5.6, 1/1600, -1 EV, cloudy wb


Area-wide Cincinnati Firefighter & Disaster Training

Over 200 volunteer victims were “extricated” & transported during a mass casualty drill at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds involving overturned buses, squashed cars, explosions and more. Fire departments and hospitals throughout the area worked with Red Cross. Even fake “media” was on scene. ©Malinda Hartong, Freelance Photojournalist, Hartong Digital Media llc.