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We are honored to serve Colerain Township and the family of Officer Dale Woods by photographing the farewell to a man who served his neighbors for 30 years. I’ll miss Dale as a friend and as an amazing public service and cop. Please be advised if you have any questions about our services we’ll be glad to get back to you on Tuesday January 15. Thank you for your understanding. We invite you to line the routes for Saturday’s visitation to Colerain High School and for Monday’s services from Spring Grove to Cintas Center and back to Spring Grove. Follow @coleraintwp for more info.

Photography Lessons make the best Gifts!

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate Packages from 1 lesson to 6 lessons from $125. Perfect for any age or experience level, especially for new camera owners! We keep tips simple and easy to use, include detailed handouts, and more! You won’t believe how much difference 2 hours can make! From organizing to capturing to editing, we’re excited to help!

I am a beginner at photography but I will tell you on my very first 1 on 1 lesson with Malinda I learned so much.
She taught me more on the first lesson then I could have imagined!
She was so nice and helpful. I feel confident that I will be able to take the photos I want when I am done with my lessons! I would highly recommend !


It's not about the Camera

Regardless which camera you carry, it’s the one you have with you that matters most. Learn how to create jaw-dropping images – the EASY WAY – iPhone to SLR!

Malinda Hartong, Photojournalist

Malinda has over 20 years professional photography experience. Her specialties include: daily news (fires, floods, funerals, youth sports and more (yes that’s a strange combination thanks to photojournalism), portraits on location and in studio, head shots, and especially event coverage.

Malinda was on staff at a major daily paper and has freelanced for decades – with photos published around the globe, including The Times of London, The Guardian, and

She and husband and fellow photojournalist + Emmy-award winning producer/videographer Glenn Hartong both LOVE to share the techniques they’ve learned over their careers for capturing amazing images.

Malinda has been teaching full-time for over 7 years – simplifying pro news photographer tricks & techniques for everyday people, helping folks of all ages & skill levels learn how to create amazing images – THE EASY WAY.

And here’s the best kept secret – You DONT need to learn Manual Mode or shoot in RAW! Seriously! Grab your camera and Let’s GO!

  • Malinda is awesome! She's knowledgable, fun, accommodating, and will teach you more in a two hour session than you can believe. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take better photos. I wish we would have found her when we first bought our camera.
    Linda G.
  • Jessica and I attended Malinda Hartong's Photography class!!! MIND. BLOWN!!!!! If you think you know how to use your phone camera or your SLR, THINK AGAIN!!!
  • Malinda's classes offer an in depth explanation of all those camera buttons. She offers quick camera tricks and handouts for reference. GREAT teacher, awesome class!
    Jenny B.
    Jenny B.
  • Hi Malinda, We loved your tips and ideas! So fun to discover an easier way to shoot better photos. The orange diffuser on the flash blew us away....You are awesome. 🙂
    Linda G
    Linda G
  • We had such a great time with Malinda on Saturday for our 1 one 1 class with a friend. We learned so much from her in the 2 hours that we spent with her. I have been taking pictures for years and have always used AUTO. I will never go back to AUTO, I never dreamed I could take such great pictures. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to expanded there camera knowledge she is very friendly and most definitely patience.
  • I had a private one-on-one + friend photography lesson with Malinda at the park last week. I really love how I can just sit and ask her many questions over the period of 2 hours and get them all answered plus take pictures to get more experience with the camera. I am still new to this and I'm sure I have many more questions but with each lesson and year, I get better. Thanks Malinda!
    Jennifer R.
    Jennifer R.
  • We had a great time! I was really impressed with how prepared you were, with print outs simplifying the camera functions and examples of photos on your iPad. I think anyone who purchases a DSLR owes it to themselves to invest in an instructor lead class, to be able to utilize all of the wonderful functions of an SLR. Otherwise, you might as well buy a point and shoot. Looking forward to our next session!
  • After working with Malinda in my 1:1 class I feel more able to take "photographer" quality pictures. After sharing some recent shots with her she easily identified several things for me to correct to help enhance the way my pictures turn out. Her advice on how to use my camera was very informative and really enhanced my latest round of photos taken.  Malinda also gave me pointers using Photoshop. One pointer in particular will save me hours of wasted time. The class was worth every penny.
  • Thanks for much for such a great lesson on Friday! I was worried about only having two hours to spend with you, but we managed to cover so much in such a short amount of time and I walked away feeling so much more confident about using my "fancy" camera! It's so helpful to actually know what all of the buttons and settings do 😉 It was really helpful as well to have live examples to look at and to be able to practice in different settings. I look forward to more sessions in the future!
All Ages & Skill Levels

Private Lessons

 Perfect for Beginners & New Camera Owners! Hands-on lessons are tailored to each person and their gear. Intermediate & advanced photographers take their skills to the next level!

Great Locations filled with inspiration: Winton WoodsGlenwood Gardens, Village of Glendale as well as Our Studio near Winton Woods. Our studio is perfect to learn Editing too – from smart phones to Lightroom to Pro Photoshop Tricks will save you HOURS of time!

Lessons are 2 hours each – perfect to get in-depth tips without getting overwhelmed! Packages of 2 or 3 lessons save you $$$! Handouts tailored for your gear/software included.

Private Lessons

Upcoming Events

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Great Parks Monthly Photo Walks: FREE with vehicle sticker. Very casual. Beginners welcome. Bring ANY camera: smart phone to SLR.
Jan 20: Sharon Woods Gorge Trail 2pm
Feb 17: Glenwood Gardens 3pm

📸Learn your Camera Beyond AUTO: Feb 6-23, 10am-12:30pm: 3 Classes + 1 Snow Day just in case. No nonsense. Easy steps. Simple explanations. Practical Tips for YOUR camera! With handouts for YOUR camera. Perfect for new camera owners!

Private Lessons and group classes during Winter are typically held at our Studio near Winton Woods.

Learn Lightroom CLASSIC March 23-April 6, 10am-12:00 noon. Easy steps to cull  & ORGANIZE your photos! Save TONS of time! Take your everyday photos and make them extraordinary – ⏰FAST! Edit ALL your other similar images in 2 clicks! At our Studio near Winton Woods. Bring 💻Mac or Windows Laptop. Private lessons anytime.

Photoshop CC: Next session early 2019, evenings April – May. Private Lessons always available.


from iPhone to SLR we help you make amazing photos © Malinda Hartong, Hartong Digital Media llc. All rights reserved

Camera Classes

We have ongoing Beyond AUTO mode workshops for mirrorless and SLR cameras as well as unique workshops at various locations – including the new ProCam Cincinnati, from iPhone to Point & Shoot to SLR.
Camera Classes

Learn Lightroom Shortcuts! Edit 100s of Images in Minutes
Stunning Color in seconds
Brilliant Black & White in Seconds

Learn Photo Editing

Private Lessons available all year, plus group classes. Take your skills to the next level – you won’t believe how much time and effort Malinda’s shortcuts will save you!

  • Lightroom Classic or CC
  • Photoshop CC
  • Mac Photos app
  • iPad/iPhone/other mobile devices

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Monthly Great Parks Photo Walks

Photo walks give us a fabulous excuse to get outside with our cameras, iPhone to SLR.

Monthly Great Parks of Hamilton County Photo Walks