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Private Lessons and group classes for everything Photo/Camera, Editing, Lighting, or iPhone / iPad or Mac are held ALL YEAR ROUND at our Photo Studio near Winton Woods, Glenwood Gardens, the cutest village square in Glendale, or at your location.  Learn how to REALLY kick up your photos – stop wasting time with online videos! Our way is WAY easier!

Gift Certificates: Choose 1-3 lessons. Perfect for all skill levels. Sign up for VIP list for news on our Holiday Sales & other exclusive discounts.

cell phone photographer at sunset

Smart Phone Photography: Oct 21, 7-9pm at our studio. Bring any phone or tablet with a camera and learn how to capture amazing photos! Travel, scenery, landscapes & sunsets, macro, family & portraits, action, and more! $30. Register Now

Smart Phone Photo Editing: October 28 & Nov 4, Monday nights, 7-9pm
Edit amazing Photos with your smart phone or tablet at our studio near Winton Woods  includes a step by step detailed e-book. $60 Register Now

Lightroom Classic & Photoshop – Next Level: Oct 30 – Nov 20, 7-9pm. Have some experience with Lightroom and want to learn the POWER TRICKS to getting amazing photos, send back & forth to Photoshop, create stunning portraits & landscapes, this class is for you! Register

Great Parks Monthly Photo Walks: FREE with vehicle sticker. 1 Sunday a month. Very casual. Beginners welcome. Bring ANY camera: smart phone to SLR. Locations & times are different each month. NOV – Shawnee Lookout. DEC  – photo show at Farbach Werner.

📸Learn your Camera Beyond AUTO: next session Spring 2020, but 1-1 Lessons & Gift Certificates available all year round.

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It's not about the Camera

Regardless which camera you carry, it’s the one you have with you that matters most. Learn how to create jaw-dropping images – the EASY WAY – iPhone to SLR!

All Ages & Skill Levels

Private Lessons

I am a beginner at photography but I will tell you on my very first 1 on 1 lesson with Malinda I learned so much. She taught me more on the first lesson then I could have imagined! She was so nice and helpful. I feel confident that I will be able to take the photos I want when I am done with my lessons! I would highly recommend!

We put all that great experience into not just our images, but also our classes and lessons!

Perfect for Beginners & New Camera Owners! Hands-on lessons are tailored to each person and their gear. Intermediate & advanced photographers take their skills to the next level! We take you from where you are and build with each lesson.

Choose from Great Locations filled with inspiration: Winton WoodsGlenwood Gardens, Village of Glendale as well as Our Studio near Winton Woods.

Our studio is perfect to learn Editing too – from smart phones to Lightroom to Pro Photoshop Tricks that will save you TONS of time with editing, sorting, and organizing your images!

Lessons are 2 hours each – perfect to get in-depth tips without getting overwhelmed! Packages of 2 or 3 lessons save you $$! Handouts tailored for your gear/software included. Let’s get started!

Let's work 1 to 1 to improve your Photography Skills

Private Lessons
  • I recently completed two 1-1 lessons with Malinda, and they were great! After the first lesson, I already felt much more confident with my camera and took better pictures. After the 2nd, I felt like I knew even more and knew how to put a few finishing touches through editing. It was great meeting on-location and taking photos with her, using the skills as we were talking about them. I'd recommend her!
  • Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to someone that has recently helped me on the photography front...maybe she can help you, too! Thanks, Malinda Hartong for taking some time to help me out with some Lightroom and Photoshop editing shortcuts. I've been using you're tips and tricks from our session for the last several weeks. You've helped my workflow and I feel I've become more efficient with my editing time. Now, I just need more time to shoot

    🙂 For the rest of you...are you new to photography? Getting a new camera for Christmas? Maybe you want to polish up your phone photography...check out Hartong Digital Media. Malinda is a great teacher and can help you with all things photography. Thanks, again Malinda Hartong...I'll be back for more!

    Dwayne S
  • I am a beginner at photography but I will tell you on my very first one on one lesson with Melinda I learned so much. She taught me more on the first lesson then I could have imagined! She was so nice and helpful. I feel confident at I will be able to take the photos I want when I am done with my lessons! I would highly recommend ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Working with Hartong Digital for some photography lessons was amazing. Within the first few minutes, I had already started taking better pictures. Malinda has this down to a science and after a few tweaks here and there, your pictures are professional grade. I enjoyed the time with her, she's funny, easy going, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend investing with Hartong, you will get the best.
  • Malinda is an extremely fun, informative and engaging instructor who will elevate your skills and passion for your photography journey. Whether you are a beginner, pro or hobbiest, you will be ecstatic that you made the choice of attending any of her classes or workshops. She is truly amazing!
  • Malinda is awesome! She's knowledgable, fun, accommodating, and will teach you more in a two hour session than you can believe. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take better photos. I wish we would have found her when we first bought our camera.
    Linda G.
    Linda G.
  • Jessica and I attended Malinda Hartong's Photography class!!! MIND. BLOWN!!!!! If you think you know how to use your phone camera or your SLR, THINK AGAIN!!!
  • Malinda's classes offer an in depth explanation of all those camera buttons. She offers quick camera tricks and handouts for reference. GREAT teacher, awesome class!
    Jenny B.
    Jenny B.
  • Hi Malinda, We loved your tips and ideas! So fun to discover an easier way to shoot better photos. The orange diffuser on the flash blew us away....You are awesome. 🙂
    Linda G
    Linda G

Malinda Hartong, Photojournalist

Malinda has over 20 years professional photography experience. Photojournalists cover everything: fires, floods, funerals, community events, youth sports, and so much more. Malinda also loves being capturing people -whether on location or in the studio!

Malinda’s images have been published all around town and around the globe, including The Times of London, The Guardian, and We offer

    • Headshots for everyone from mayors to congress members, artists to entrepreneurs from $225
    • Branding for corporations, entrepreneurs, artists
    • Event coverage for businesses and nonprofits like Saint Vincent DePaul and The Dragonfly Foundation

    With emmy-award winning husband Glenn Hartong, photojournalist/video producer/cameraman, and his emmy-award winning editing parter and audio engineer extraordinaire at ChiliDog Pictures HD Video Productions, we often combined photo coverage/portraits with single or multi-camera edited features for both web and broadcast, with credits including everyone from Heimlich Heroes to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital, and of course The Dragonfly Foundation.

    Learn more: Photo + Video Services

    We both also LOVE to share the techniques they’ve learned over their careers for capturing amazing images.

    Malinda has been teaching for over 8 years – simplifying pro news photographer tricks & techniques for everyday people from teens to seniors, beginners to aspiring pros, helping folks of all ages & skill levels learn how to create amazing images – THE EASY WAY.

    And here’s the best kept secret – You DONT need to learn Manual Mode or shoot in RAW if you don’t want to! Seriously! Grab your camera and Let’s GO!

Learn Lightroom Shortcuts! Edit 100s of Images in Minutes
Stunning Color in seconds
Brilliant Black & White in Seconds

Get your Photos Organized & Edited

So how many images do you have, really? You don’t even want to know how many are in our library! Organizing, storage, maintaining a library where you can find your images, and editing them to create amazing results – it all takes TONS of time, right? Well not if you use our simple tricks! Whether you have a Mac or a PC, or just your phone. Whether you’re a novice or a pro. We have TONS of timesavers plus editing & organizing tricks for you!

Private Lessons available all year, plus group classes. Take your skills to the next level – you won’t believe how much time and effort Malinda’s shortcuts will save you! It’s WAY easier than you might think!

  • Lightroom Classic & CC – killer to organize, sort, and even edit! From downloading a 1000-shot event to uploading the 60 best edited ones, how much time do you think that takes us? How about just 2 hours? Learn our secrets!
  • Photoshop CC – don’t let it scare you. We do 90% of editing in Lightroom Classic & just save this behemoth for the real heavy lifting.  You don’t need to use ALL of the stuff it does, just what it needs to do for YOU.
  • Mac Photos app – there is WAY more power here than you realize!
  • iPad/iPhone/other mobile devices – you won’t believe what you can do on the go! There’s even an app that can rival photoshop in a fraction of the time! On your PHONE!
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