Join me in this Beyond AUTO workshop if you’re frustrated with your camera! I’ll share years of real world experience, simplifying down to just what you need to know about YOUR camera to get great results for what you love to shoot! From travel to family photos, everyone will learn amazing tricks to getting THE shot with the gear they have!
photo of a girl with camera at sunset

  • Just finished Beyond Auto class.  I now use buttons I never dared touch before.  I highly recommend the class for anyone using their DSLR camera as a point and shoot.  It can do so much more if you learn how.
  • A friend of mine and I just finished our first photography lesson with Malinda and it was fantastic. She was patient, kind and so full of knowledge and simple instructions. I was so intimidated prior to this and now I have the confidence to go out and take some great pictures. Malinda’s handouts and presentation blended with hands on experience is the perfect combination. I highly recommend this company and look forward to leaning more from them in the future.
  • After 1st Beyond AUTO class: "Sorry for blinding you! There were a lot of lightbulbs going off!" (He's a funny guy!)
  • I am a beginner at photography but I will tell you on my very first one on one lesson with Melinda I learned so much. She taught me more on the first lesson then I could have imagined! She was so nice and helpful. I feel confident at I will be able to take the photos I want when I am done with my lessons! I would highly recommend ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • I loved learning about how to change my ISO settings. Also I liked being able to take pictures of animals.

  • I enjoyed learning about my camera and taking pictures of nature. Note: Caroline used panning to better capture the feeling of speed as this great blue heron took flight.

  • I have taken 2 classes - both awesome. They make me want to get better and better using my iPhone and Nikon. Worth EVERY penny. Do yourself a favor and try a class out. Malinda is so helpful and she gives you the knowledge and confidence that even us mere mortals can take some awesome shots using settings you never thought you could conquer!
  • I can not recommend Malinda and her class enough.  I was fortunate enough to get a great deal on a DSLR camera but didn't have the knowledge to know how to use it correctly.  After night one in her course I was able to successfully capture a picture of my son breaking a board in martial arts practice.  I now not only feel comfortable with my camera but I can change my settings and recognize the adjustments I need to make, in fact it's becoming second nature.  I learned so much and love having the incredible hand outs to refer back to as needed.  Thank you Malinda for being such a wonderful teacher.
  • As a complete novice, I started with Beyond Auto.  Since then I've taken photo editing and six hours of private lessons.  I've learned so much and look forward to using what I've learned and participating on the photo walks.  Melinda also helped me understand the different types of lenses, filters, monopods, memory cards, etc...for the type of photography I intend to do.  Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn or enhance your photography and/or editing skills.
  • “I have taken other photography classes and read books but nothing really clicked with me.  I desperately needed help in getting my camera out of scene mode and Malinda’s straight forward instruction helped me focus on the basics of what is important when taking a photo.  It already seems less intimidating and I have taken some awesome new photos.”
  • VERY informative! My brain was going to explode with all the new information. (she's kidding). Actually learning the features on my camera. I appreciate learning about iPhone too. (bonus). It was very helpful to go through all the photos and talk ISO, exposure, AV, etc.

Ready to Learn Your Camera?

SKIP overly complicated videos, shooting RAW, and Manual Mode!

We’ve honed our tricks & handouts to what you REALLY need to know – and you’ll be blown away at how SIMPLE it is! Sign up for the next class, or join us for Private Lessons offered Year-Round.

a camera class student shows his camera to the instructor
how to get photo with blurred background without changing settings

Get your camera to focus where YOU want – the 1st class!

Beyond AUTO Camera Lessons

Our most popular class at Our Studio Near Winton Woods
Our studio is convenient location within 20-30 minutes of most of the tri-state, half-way between Cross County & 275 off Winton Road, less than 1 mile from Winton Woods.

What’s Included: Oodles of Handouts for Your Camera (with diagrams of buttons!), 8 hours class & practice time, lots of example images, step by step instructions for capture amazing photographs. Small class size! Perfect for hands-on learning!

Perfect for: new camera owners, anyone looking to go beyond AUTO, anyone told they have to use Manual Mode to get a great photo.

Best Gear for this workshop: any digital slr (interchangeable lens camera – including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji,…), any mirrorless camera, any super cool all-in-one camera.

How Malinda teaches: casual, fun, practice time each class, key techniques – less technical – more simple, step by step, repetition & oodles of slides filled with images NOT text! Click to call with questions! +1 (513) 245-4100

You’ll actually learn YOUR Camera’s Buttons & Features! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Sign up for Private Lessons – virtual and/or in person. Save with Lesson packages. Available for 1 person, a couple, a family, or friends. At our studio or on location.

1: Focus!

Factory settings make focusing where you want very difficult. We’ll fix that and more in the first hour of class!

  • FOCUS buttons on your camera & how to set them!
  • Easy Adjustments for lighting & action
  • FLASH – the PRO trick!
  • RESOLUTION & SAVING to get the best files
  • Program Mode – the “easy” way! Glenn’s favorite even after 27 years of daily photojournalism

2: Exposure + Flash
  • How your camera measures light and how to get it to behave for you!
  • Fixing Exposure – the EASY way
  • Rescue Highlights = amazing sunsets!
  • Quick Pro Fix that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
  • No more cave-dwelling in dark backgrounds!
  • How to see what’s in the background indoors
  • How to achieve natural-looking flash – easy!

Super Simple Action Shots too! We’ll share THE most amazing shortcut! This one is so simple it’s sure to blow your mind!

3: Lenses & Composition
  • Lenses: Which lens to use when, the “real” difference between telephoto & wide angle
  • Easy Blurred Backgrounds! Skip the complicated stuff – use our fast & SUPER easy way!
  • Easy tricks for Aperture Priority mode – my favorite! Without all the tech speak!
  • More dynamic photos, better composition
  • Amazing family portraits
  • Your Best Travel Memories EVER!

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Granddaughter at the game - best photo ever!
It all came together! I caught them in the air!

action photos of dog captured by participant after photo class
Beyond auto results

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