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Fun for All Ages!

Do you need to learn Manual Mode to get amazing photos? Listen closely! The answer is a very emphatic NO!!! Absolutely not! 

You really can leave Auto Mode in the dust without Manual (unless you’re going absolute pro – and we have TONS of easy tricks for that too of course)

Simple & fun – REALLY!

2 hour Lessons can change a life! And make someone WAY happier with their photos! Take Kate for instance…

“After night one .., I was able to successfully capture a picture of my son breaking a board in martial arts practice.

I now not only feel comfortable with my camera but I can change my settings and recognize the adjustments I need to make, in fact, it’s becoming second nature.

I learned so much and love having the incredible handouts to refer back to as needed. Thank you, Malinda, for being such a wonderful teacher.” Kate

From Malinda – “I was blown away by Kate’s photo – 2 easy tricks and she’s capturing an image she’d tried HUNDREDS of times!  I was as excited as she was!”

We’re news photographers. We just want to capture the moment – not futz with buttons! Malinda teaches QUICK & EASY methods to get those moments. Our clients are GIDDY with being able to capture everything from kids sports to hummingbirds in flight – with super simple settings and here’s the best part – LET THE CAMERA DO IT’S JOB! 

Folks don’t believe the results just changing 1 or 2 buttons! So don’t worry about gifting our lessons – you’re giving someone the BEST SHOT at getting the shots they want to capture. No frustration! No ‘over their head’ tech! And finally learning how to use THEIR OWN CAMERA! Seriously – we have NO clue why everyone else makes photography so hard!

All ages – teens to seniors. Any topic, any gear! Malinda’s been teaching for 10 years and shooting for 3x that (news, studio, wedding & portrait, nature, sports, and more) – smart phone to slr, absolute beginners to pro level!

And here’s the VERY BEST PART of working privately in person one on one – each lesson you learn something new – tailored to each person’s experience level and THEIR goals, what they shoot and what gear they have!

You can’t get that from a video! 

Give the gift of custom-tailored Photography Classes! We have collections from 1 lesson to 12 – that’s a whole year of lessons! Wow!

2 Photography Lessons

Here’s what we typically cover for beginners: While 1 lesson allows us to concentrate on basic key tips, 2 lessons allows us to really dig deeper, answer questions. Each lesson is tailored to that person’s experience & goals.

  • Focus
  • Exposure
  • Flash
  • Lenses, and more

Lessons are perfect for pros and aspiring pros to learn new techniques and time saving shortcuts, new gear…

3 Photography Lessons

Activate Photo Super Powers! 3 Lessons are perfect for combining camera lessons with photo-editing/organizing lesson. Dig into Photoshop, Lightroom, or even Mobile!

Malinda has TONS of time-saving tricks to help you organize, find your very best images, get great results editing – from iPhone to Desktop, Windows or Mac, and everything in between. Honestly one of the hardest parts of photography is figuring out which photos are your best and being able to find them later. We can definitely help!

We offer 6 and 12 lesson gift certificate packages during only at the Holidays. Help your giftee have a reason to keep learning and exploring photography. So many folks come for a lesson or 2 then put their camera away, and sadly forget much of what excited them about their first lessons.  Like any new skill, it takes practice, and having a goal and reason to keep going helps a person feel accomplished and excited!

Fast & Easy Online Ordering

Purchase gifts with PayPal or any card. We never share your personal info. After your order, you’ll receive a receipt email right away. You’ll also receive a detailed pdf to include with your gift – usually within a business day – we customize it with your gift code & custom link so it’s easy to schedule lessons online. Please contact Malinda if you have any questions at all! 513-245-4100
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Perfect For BEGINNERS!

Malinda has been teaching for 10 years, more if you count having worked in camera stores, and enjoying every minute of simplifying all the math, science, and creativity that goes into creating the best photos into the essence of which button or lens or angle or editing tool to use when. We hear over and over again how intimidating some online videos and other classes have been and how EASY we make it!

Fun & Easy

Just because we’ve been shooting for over 20 years does NOT mean it’s difficult or intimidating to learn Photography Skills!
We don’t make you learn Manual Mode!

We don’t talk over your head – really! We don’t use complicated jargon. We make it SIMPLE – step by step – just make great pictures – the EASY way!

From learning camera buttons to editing, learning skills to create amazing memories is priceless! See the client photos & testimonials below!

All in the Family

Start where are you, go where you want to go. iPhone to SLRany camera, or any software.

We tailor lessons to all ages, all experience levels, teens to seniors, beginners to pros! Just choose from 1-12 lesson packages. Each lesson takes you to the next step, easy!

We consider our clients part of our extended family! Once you begin to learn with us, we hope to see you return to continue to learn more and grow.

Ask about our VIP options for returning clients.

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We’ve streamlined ordering just for you!  Secure too! We never see your card info! Prefer PayPal? No problem – just scroll down a bit more 🙂

  1. Click button to order then click the circle next to the lessons you’re gifting.
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  4. You’ll get 2 emails – 1 receipt for you right away, 1 email with the gift certificate pdf attached in about 1-2 business days – Malinda creates a custom certificate each time with your unique link. If you don’t see your pdf email within a few days, please check your junk mail folder and/or email us so we can reply with your pdf. Your detailed pdf is filled with information, from bio to locations plus a handy booking link!
  5. Print the 1st page of the pdf to gift if you like :). Recipient only needs your email/name to book their lessons! EASY!
    All lessons per package are for the same person. Scroll down to give to a couple or 2 friends.

If for any reason you run into a snag – CALL/TEXT MALINDA – we’re happy to help! 513-245-4100.

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Dawn’s review:
“Working with Hartong Digital for some photography lessons was amazing. Within the first few minutes, I had already started taking better pictures. Malinda has this down to a science and after a few tweaks here and there, your pictures are professional grade. I enjoyed the time with her, she’s funny, easy going, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend investing with Hartong, you will get the best.” Dawn H

  • Highly recommend classes to anyone! Malinda is a great teacher. She is super sweet and friendly. She shares her knowledge of 25 years experience and gives you useful information that will impact your photos. I learned so much in just one class and look forward to our next class.
    Also like to thank our most beautiful model Laney!
  • I learned so much in my one-on-one lesson with Malinda. I am a complete beginner and after just two hours I felt like I learned so much and was much more comfortable with my camera. She was very friendly, patient and of course knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.
  • I recently completed two 1-1 lessons with Malinda, and they were great! After the first lesson, I already felt much more confident with my camera and took better pictures. After the 2nd, I felt like I knew even more and knew how to put a few finishing touches through editing. It was great meeting on-location and taking photos with her, using the skills as we were talking about them. I'd recommend her!
    Private Lessons
  • Malinda Hartong is one of the most thoughtful, kind hearted and intelligent photographers that i have ever met.

  • Camp really helped me understand my camera more. I took some great pictures and and can’t wait to take more. Teen Summer Camp at Sharon Woods

    Teen Summer Camp
  • I loved learning about how to change my ISO settings. Also I liked being able to take pictures of animals.

    Teen Summer Camp
  • I am a beginner at photography but I will tell you on my very first one on one lesson with Melinda I learned so much. She taught me more on the first lesson then I could have imagined! She was so nice and helpful. I feel confident at I will be able to take the photos I want when I am done with my lessons! I would highly recommend ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Working with Hartong Digital for some photography lessons was amazing. Within the first few minutes, I had already started taking better pictures. Malinda has this down to a science and after a few tweaks here and there, your pictures are professional grade. I enjoyed the time with her, she's funny, easy going, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend investing with Hartong, you will get the best.
  • Malinda is an extremely fun, informative and engaging instructor who will elevate your skills and passion for your photography journey. Whether you are a beginner, pro or hobbiest, you will be ecstatic that you made the choice of attending any of her classes or workshops. She is truly amazing!
  • I just want to say THANK YOU, because I am finally understanding the settings on my camera!  Between the classes and the 1st private lesson, do I dare say that I am finally understanding Program and AV mode?!  You have gotten me excited about using my camera again!

Granddaughter at the game - best photo ever!
It all came together! I caught them in the air!

Wanda's excellent photo catching a ball after 1-1 Lesson