iPhone Photography Workshops

Create Amazing Images on your Phone

Private Lessons or Zoom with one person to a small group.

Learn how to get pro photography results from your phone!

From scenery to macro to portraits, Malinda shares super easy professional photography tips to capture and edit photos on your phone.

Phone Photography Class

One person or a zoom call with a small group.
What we’ll cover:

  • focus
  • exposure & light
  • pro composition tricks
  • macro and landscapes
  • sunsets and travel
  • family photos and portraits
  • action photos & more

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Mobile Editing Workshop

What we’ll cover:

  • Rescue shadows & dark photos you thought were lost forever
  • Quick & easy Portrait Tricks
  • Selective Edits – brighten/darken, add contrast, saturation, sharpness just where you want!
  • Gorgeous Black & White & Fine Art looks
  • and so much more

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Learn how to capture amazing photos wherever you are with your phone.

Jaw-dropping tips

Focus, Exposure, Fast Action & More

A camera is a camera. 90% of the same tricks apply, no matter what you’re using. Every device has places where it excels, as well as limitations. But we’re absolutely sure you’re going to learn a TON of tricks for your phone photos – whether you’re taking a class or a private lesson.

PDF Step By Step Guide Included

Photography + Editing On the Go

“Malinda is a wonderful teacher!! Any interaction with her causes one to start taking better photos immediately!! Her dedication to her craft and willingness to share tips and tricks make any class with her a truly wonderful experience!”
Amy Roell, Education Director
Great Parks of Hamilton County

We’ve taken our iPhone Workshops all over town, to all skill levels and age groups including:

  • Great Parks of Hamilton County marketing group
  • Vehr Communications – marketing & PR pros
  • Cincinnati Art Museum Teachers Event
  • Girl Scouts, Summit Country Day School
  • Cincinnati Womens Club

In every instance someone has exclaimed –

“You just changed my life!”

Not sure how they use the same words but we’re so glad they’re excited about the tips & tricks we share.

iPhonography Book

Purchase a pdf of Malinda’s iPhonography Book
Over 80 pages filled with tips & tricks, photos galore – all for under $15! From capturing to editing your images, you’re photos will never be the same! You can even download Quick Tips pages! Try the sample today!

over 80 pages filled with tips and tricks for capturing amazing images with your phone

Buy Malinda’s book. We’ll send you a link to download the book – designed to view right on your phone so it’s always with you – handy and ready to take your photos to the next level!

Try the 1st Tips now on Apple Books for Free – download the 1st Chapter at the Books store now

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Custom Workshops & Lessons

Each device has it’s benefits and limitations. It’s really about getting the best image no matter what camera you’re using. Learning how to get the most out of each camera really does make a huge difference.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Android
  • Samsung Galaxy

What You’ll Learn

  • Beginners learn a TON! No experience necessary. Everyone will learn jaw-dropping tricks!
  • While our iPhone Book is obviously geared more to Apple Products, we do have a PDF version for Android & Samsung users. And we can ALL use the same editing app.
  • FOCUS – CRITICAL to making great photos. Fixing this is easier than you might think! And get it to STICK instead of yellow boxes flitting all over your screen!
  • EXPOSURE – take control of brightness – a quick adjustment that makes a HUGE difference!
  • LENSES – yes I said lenses. Wait til you see what you can do! Amazing closeups, gorgeous scenery, and more!
  • FAVORITE APPS for shooting, editing, and creating professional quality art from images
  • SHARING PHOTOS &  STORAGE TIPS – best tips for organizing, backing up, and sharing
  • EBOOK INCLUDED! You’ll get an ebook filled with tricks & tips to keep on your smart device. Reference what you’ve learned anytime!

Contact me for a custom workshop or book your lessons at https://hartongdigitalmedia.com/photography-photoshop-private-lessons/ 

Malinda's Phone Book

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