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Photography Private Lessons

Learn Quick & Easy Pro Tricks
Make The Pictures You Want!

Leave AUTO in the dust!

“I was truly impressed… I came to her stuck on AUTO and walked away with the confidence to finally use my camera to create wonderful professional-looking photographs! Malinda’s Photography knowledge and expertise is so vast that she was able to tailor the lesson to my specific camera and photographic interests, making my 1-1 Lesson a very personal and productive experience.” CATHY

Factory settings are frustrating aren’t they!?

How about telling your camera where YOU want it to focus and how bright or dark YOU want the shot?

You'll be Amazed how Easy it really is!

Beginners Welcome!

It’s so much easier than you might think! Time to sharpen your camera skills, whether you’re using your iPhone or an SLR!

Learn to take amazing photos of your family, even with a basic camera!
Malinda’s been shooting for decades – distilling pro tricks for Beginners, or taking Advanced Photographers to the next level, there are so many tips and tricks to share! Let’s get started! You can even split 2 lessons with a friend – just book 1 lesson each. Easy! Twice the fun at half the price!

You won't believe how easy it is!

No Big Fancy Camera Required

Malinda has experience teaching all camera types – from smart phone to SLR to mirrorless! Learn your camera with our detailed handouts and a hands-on approach. Malinda’s been teaching for years too – simplifying all her pro tricks so you can make pro-style shots
WITHOUT manual mode!

Everyone has to start Somewhere!

Download our Lessons PDF

From iPhone to SLR, everyone has to start somewhere! If you’ve tried to watch online videos (we hope you haven’t! Its much easier than those guys tell you – save yourself the time!) you might think it’s hard or technical, and you MUST learn all the gunk like aperture and manual mode – NOT! Let us simplify your camera for you, helping you concentrate on just a few buttons that make a HUGE difference!


Get off AUTO mode! I know factory settings are NOT helping! Learn some fast & easy pro tips! Take control of where the camera focuses, when the flash fires, and BAN THE BLUR in your indoor & action shots. 2 lessons are most popular -giving you time to practice tips from Lesson 1, come back with questions, and learn more in Lesson 2.


Learn the REAL way to use Manual Mode (and avoid it!)! Learn to adjust exposure and simplify settings to pay more attention to capturing the moment and LESS to all those settings! Learn pro editing and lighting solutions, flash tricks, posing, even editing in Photoshop & Lightroom. Pick Malinda’s brain filled with 20 years professional experience honed down and simplified to take action NOW!


Yes your iPhone (or Samsung even) really does have a BUNCH of hidden tricks I can’t wait to show you! It’s the camera I have with me ALL the time. There are even hidden editing tricks to make your photos REALLY amazing! Learn how to edit your “big” camera images on your tablet.

Our studio: indooors + outdoors
Winton Lake + Harbor
Girlfriends Lesson, Glenwood Gardens


  1. our Studio near Winton Woods – indoor and/or outdoor. Everyone LOVES the porch & pond on beautiful days.
  2. Winton Woods Harbor – outdoor action, beautiful views of the lake
  3. Glenwood Gardens – gorgeous scenery & gardens,
  4. the quaint village square in Glendale (mmm Bluebird Bakery! & trains!).
    These 4 locations are our “Go To” – you just need a Great Parks vehicle pass for the parks.


Of course we’ll meet you at your favorite location – perfect for learning where you work, play & live!
Quote based on time & miles. We love the riverfront! We do have a Zoo pass 🙂 if you’re up for an adventure…


Save yourself time & money – get the right camera/lenses for you – the 1st time! Not only will we be happy to help with suggestions, we have contacts with reputable helpful folks that won’t steer you into something that doesn’t suit your needs. Beware shopping at large online sites where you may spend money on a wrong lens/camera combination that won’t work or get gear without a USA warranty. Seriously! We’re always happy to help get whats best for you – the first time! Check out this blog post on choosing the right style of camera for you.

What Clients Say:

  • We had a great time! I was really impressed with how prepared you were, with print outs simplifying the camera functions and examples of photos on your iPad. I think anyone who purchases a DSLR owes it to themselves to invest in an instructor lead class, to be able to utilize all of the wonderful functions of an SLR. Otherwise, might as well buy a point and shoot. Looking forward to our next session!
  • After working with Malinda in my 1:1 class I feel more able to take "photographer" quality pictures. After sharing some recent shots with her she easily identified several things for me to correct to help enhance the way my pictures turn out. Her advice on how to use my camera was very informative and really enhanced my latest round of photos taken.  Malinda also gave me pointers using Photoshop. One pointer in particular will save me hours of wasted time. The class was worth every penny.
  • Thanks for much for such a great lesson on Friday! I was worried about only having two hours to spend with you, but we managed to cover so much in such a short amount of time and I walked away feeling so much more confident about using my "fancy" camera! It's so helpful to actually know what all of the buttons and settings do 😉 It was really helpful as well to have live examples to look at and to be able to practice in different settings. I look forward to more sessions in the future!
  • I was truly impressed... I came to her stuck on "Auto" & walked away with the confidence to finally use my camera to create wonderful professional looking photographs! Malinda's photography knowledge and expertise is so vast that she was able to tailor the lesson to my specific camera and photographic interests, making my 1-1 lesson a very personal & productive experience. I know I have just scratched the tip of the photography surface, but I plan on diving in and will continue to use Malinda as a resource to help expand my skills.
  • I recently took my first lesson with Malinda and I have to say I am so glad I chose her!  She brought me out of my comfort zone of "Auto Mode." I tried to get out of that mode on my own but felt so overwhelmed by all of the different settings that I just stayed in auto.  Well that all changed.  I am no longer in auto mode and probably won't go back that is how well her lesson was. She is a great instructor and never makes you feel stupid. She speaks and teaches on a level that is understandable. I am really looking forward to my next 2 lesson and will probably sign up for others once those are complete! Give it a try, you won't regret it!!!!! Barbara
  • Malinda is awesome! She's knowledgable, fun, accommodating, and will teach you more in a two hour session than you can believe. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take better photos. I wish we would have found her when we first bought our camera.
    Linda G.


Get Started: 1 Lesson
  • $125 for one amazing lesson – any topic but here’s what we typically cover:
  • Focus! get your camera to focus where YOU want, not the factory settings that choose for you! Yuck!
  • 1st Button to set – use 1 powerful button to adjust for bright sun, dark indoors, fast action
  • Tired of the Black Hole look? We have an easy fix!
  • Flash! when to REALLY use or not use flash – this tip blows everyone’s mind!
  • Lenses! Which lens to use when – yes there are really cool tricks for this too!
  • Add a friend $25
  • Book one 2 hour lesson $125

Book 1 Lesson

2X Fun: 2 Friends / 2 Lessons

$125 each! Each friend books 1 lesson – same cost, easily split. Just let us know when you fill out your appointment form. 🙂

sunset_hartong-900x4502 Lessons
Most Popular!
  • $250. $199. All of Lesson 1 PLUS:
  • Unlocking Your Photo Super Power – Learn how one pro secret can totally transform your photos! Best part – Its EASY with ANY camera, even your cell phone.
  • Action! How to capture actions shots indoors & out
  • Focus tips for WAY better composition! Less cropping, better quality images.
  • Low light – it’s really not that hard!
  • Gorgeous family photos and portrait tips, plus getting the best images of your travels
  • Gear recommendations – what to put on your wish list that will work best for YOU.
  • File management tips – storing all your images
  • Smart Phone shooting & editing tricks with PDF
  • Save $50! 2 lessons are just $199   – our most popular solution for huge improvements to your photography. Book your 1st lesson now and reserve a 2nd lesson.
Book 2 Lessons
Hartong Digital Media photo workshops3 Lessons
Save $100!
  • $375 $270. All of Lessons 1 & 2 Plus!
  • Tons of camera tips from lessons 1 & 2 plus more practice & questions answered!
  • Editing & Organizing – from phone to tablet to computer – based on what you use. Recommendations for editing software. Let’s cover what’s best for you & how to make organizing and finding your images much easier!
  • f-stops & Aperture: pretty blurred backgrounds without “math” – super simple!
  • (How to Avoid) Manual Mode
  • More jaw-dropping Flash & Settings controls
  • Special Interests – performances, macro, wildlife,… what’s your passion?
  • 3 lessons are also perfect to get a great handle on editing – especially if you’re using Lightroom/Photoshop – check out this blog post
  • SAVE $105 – 3 lessons are just $270. Book your 1st lesson now & reserve 2 more lessons!

Book 3 Lessons



* 2 hours per lesson – just enough to get in-depth tips but not too much to be overwhelming.
* 1-2 weeks between lessons is recommended to keep your new knowledge fresh and build on it. Please keep lessons no more than 3 weeks apart for best results.
* Also available are All day, 2 day weekend, or half-day – just ask. Great for out-of-town visitors or longer drives.
* Bring friends – create your own custom group class. Our studio can accommodate up 8 vehicles & 12 people. Malinda will create a custom link so you can split cost. BOOK A FRIENDS LESSON
* Travel. Available to you or your favorite location based on time/miles. Typical cost ~$30 per lesson. Ask about our Zoo special.
* Handouts relate to your camera! Be sure to send us your camera model & brief gear list before your lesson.
* Beginners: We recommend your 1st experience be 2-3 lessons so you have time to practice and come back with questions, spreading out all the info.
* Coupons. If you have a coupon code, just enter it at checkout. Watch our Facebook page & other social (Instagram, twitter – @HartongDigital, sign up for our newsletter, refer friends, …
Referral Rewards! Ask for a custom link to share with family & friends – you save & they save. 🙂
* VIP CLIENTS are family! After joining a Beyond Auto workshop or booking 2 lessons, you’re VIP status = access to our Flickr group, special links & bonus eBooks, gatherings, and then some!  Plus a link to special VIP Client lessons with exclusive savings – follow up and continue learning more!
* Reschedule. Accepted for emergencies, or changed at least 48 hours prior. If you’d like an appointment outside our normal hours, please contact Malinda directly.
* Lesson Packages are Non-Refundable but are able to be transferred to another person. No exchanges for other services other than camera classes for same amount. That said, we do guarantee you’ll learn lots of amazing things!