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2018 Spring Classes

Lightroom Classic CC

October 2-23, 7-9pm
Our studio near Winton Woods.
Limit 8 for this session of 4 classes. $175 total

Photoshop CC at ProCam Cincinnati

Just off I-275 & Beechmont
Let Malinda know you’re interested!

Photoshop: 1 class at a time: Pro Photoshop Tricks made super simple! Take command of Photoshop and show it who’s boss! Learn Malinda’s shortcuts! Don’t be intimidated any more! $45 per session. Limit 10 for each class. Laptop recommended – Mac or Windows.
* Layers & Masking
* Selections, Object & Background removal
* Portrait Retouching

“I cannot thank you enough for sharing so much invaluable information… and in a relatively short amount of time. You have an honest and enthusiastic approach to teaching that is fun and refreshing. The added bonus… you have saved me from hours and hours (and hours) of doing things the hard way! Time is money, and because of your time-saving tips, I will have more of both!”

Heads Up – choose the right plan!

The Photography Plan Malinda uses is this one:
Photography Plan

Includes all-new Lightroom CC, 20 GB of cloud storage, Lightroom Classic CC, and Photoshop CC.

Notice it includes LIGHTROOM CLASSIC and NOT just Lightroom CC. Yes it can be confusing.

Learn Lightroom Shortcuts! Edit 100s of Images in Minutes
Stunning Color in seconds

Learn Lightroom Classic!

April 11 – May 2, 7-9pm
Our Studio near Winton Woods
Fee: $150 including detailed handouts, 4 Classes. Register with PayPal

Class 1: Organizing your Photos

Top 5 Keys to getting started, saving time, and staying organized!
1. Better Importing
2. Organizing
3. Finding made easy – easy search techniques
4. Creating Collections – track your recent events/photos
5. Sorting BEST images and deleting the trash

Save HOURS of time at the computer!
Learn how to organize your images, select only the very best ones, delete the others, and just focus on the cream of the crop!

Get Organized
No more needle in a haystack! You’ll learn how easy it is to find your image days, weeks, months, even years later.

Clean up your Hard Drive
Develop a system for keeping your images backed up and organized.

Free Yourself from your Computer!
Learn how to make your best shots available online. Share images with loved ones. Sort and even do some basic editing on the go with Lightroom Mobile and your Photography subscription.

Best of the Best
No longer will analysis paralysis leave you wanting to escape the screen. You’ll be able to narrow down all those photos to the very best captures quickly & easily. You’ll be able to tell which one is sharpest, best expression, best frame, and delete ALL the others FAST & EASY! This lets you focus your editing energy just on your best shots! Step away from your screen with great images and feeling confident & even relaxed! I know – amazing right!!??
Let’s get your life back!

Find and sort your photos FAST

Class 2: Quick & Easy Editing

Easy & Fast Shortcuts!
I’ve been editing since Photoshop 4. I know the key to getting amazing photos is getting the shot in focus and getting exposure right in camera, then finishing your vision with editing. But it can take a while unless you know quick steps that will save you LOADS of time – every time you shoot! Start with these shortcuts to cut your time a TON.

We’ve got great fast tricks for

  • accurate color – works every time!
  • highlights & shadows with detail with 2 clicks
  • straightening and cropping shortcuts

Plus jaw dropping key edits like

  • noise reduction
  • Sharpening everything BUT your subject’s skin
  • and much more!

Class 3: Take Editing to the Next Level

Amazing Adjustments for every Photo – Portraits to Landscapes

  • Portraits: quick fixes for great eyes, teeth, skin
  • Super Fast fixes for softening wrinkles without making subjects look plastic
  • blemish removal that will blow your mind – SO FAST!
  • darken edges like a pro with a cool vignette trick that takes 2 seconds
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous Landscapes with stunning skies and foreground detail. Yes another quick fix! Classic 2018 has NEW FEATURES that really will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Class 4: More Advanced Editing + Sharing & Output

Now that your photos look so amazing, how do you share them and print them? You’ll be filling your walls with the best images you’ve ever printed.

Who should take this class: Lightroom Classic users: perfect for anyone from beginner to pro, new users as well as experienced users. We’re covering best practices for importing, sorting, organizing – no matter who you are.

What You Need: It’s best to bring a Mac or Windows computer. Handouts are included. Lightroom Classic 2018 is recommended. But you can also use Lightroom 6 – it just won’t have all the tools we’ll be covering. If you’re not sure, message Malinda with any questions.

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Learn Lightroom Classic. Register now.

Register for Spring Lightroom Workshop

Learn Photoshop

Layers, Masking, Retouching, Cut Outs + More

May 7-21, 6:30-9pm, 3 Monday nights. Limited to 8 attendees
Our Studio near Winton Woods, 45231, convenient to I-275 and Ron Reagan Cross County Highway, within 20-30 minutes of most the tristate. Only 8 seats.

  • Pro Retouching tips & tricks
  • Layers & Masks easily explained! Power tricks made simple!
  • Remove large parts of the image, Erase backgrounds & “heal” distractions & blemishes (power lines, utility poles, & more!)
  • Swap faces
  • Create stunning Portraits in Color or Black & White step by step! Make eyes pop and soften skin – it’s easy!
  • Adjust Shadow & Highlight detail like a Pro!
  • This is a PERFECT class to go with Lightroom Classic!
  • This course is designed for folks frustrated & overwhelmed by Photoshop (CC or Elements 13-15) who want to learn the power editing tricks of the Pros.
  • In Depth & distilled into 3 weeks of the best of the best skills you’ll build on for years to come.
  • Mac or Windows computer required.
  • We schedule this class 2x/year – Fall & Spring. 1 to 1 lessons available all year long. If you miss it, we recommend 3 lessons for best in-depth experience.

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In Case of Emergency / Cancellation Policy

We understand emergencies happen. If you’re unable to attend 1 of the classes, you can make it up at the next session, or upgrade to a private lesson for the cost difference. If you need to cancel and do so 7 days before 1st class, you will be issued a full refund.