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Headshots FAQ

You’re unique! Let’s capture photos that speak to who YOU are.

Here’s the Headshots FAQ, what to wear, and more tips:

How long will my session be?
Basic sessions are about ~30-60 minutes at our Photo Studio near Winton Woods (Central location! No more than 30 minutes away from most of the tristate.) We’ll send detailed directions, and help you avoid freeways. If you are interested in an extended session for a variety of looks, let’s put together a custom session.

What Should I bring?
You’re welcome to bring a few selections for top/shirt, jacket, with/without ties… Depending on your business/preferences, we can even do your photo shoot outdoors (trees, lake), weather permitting.

When are you available?
We typically book headshots Monday, Weds, Fri 10am-4pm; Tues & Thurs 10am-noon. Schedule can vary with the season. If you don’t see a time that works for you please contact us! Call/text Malinda at 513-245-4100.

How do I book my headshot session?
Quick and easy online reservations – just click BOOK at the top or below. We accept credit cards, checks, PayPal.

What backgrounds are available?
Let us know if you have a preference, or we can help you choose based on your look. In studio: white, black, brown, dark gray, lighter more contemporary gray, tan, olive green, plus natural outdoor areas (covered porch, green trees, lake – great for yoga/fitness/naturalists/…). Please let us know if you’re matching existing images.

Do you offer hair & makeup?
We do have a ‘studio kit’ you’re welcome to use for touchups, and we pay careful attention to details for each session. We also have referrals for amazing professionals who specialize in photo shoots. They typically have a full day rate, so if you want the whole group or office done, they’d be a perfect fit for that and a great investment!

I hate having my picture taken…
Boy, we kinda do too! But don’t worry! We’ll take a few minutes when you get to the studio to talk about the look you want and what part of your personality to shine through. We go over clothing and pick the best background to suit you. We’ll talk about easy tips on how to stand, what to do, to look your best. This gives you time to relax before your shoot. If you have a favorite playlist – we have bluetooth speakers.

When/how will I see my photos?
2 Options:(1) – step out for a coffee or snack, come back and view & order your images. (2) Quick & Easy Online Proof Gallery – you can add comments, ask any questions, easily choose your favorite image(s). Posted for 7 days to make your selection(s) at a private link.
We do soft-proofing – color, contrast, basic edits. We save the real magic for the images you select. So choose based on expression over everything else. Remember, images haven’t been ‘retouched’ yet! In a hurry? Ask us about previewing your images after your shoot. We offer Rush services (quote).

What if I have a group or whole office that needs headshots?
No problem! We’re news photographers (used to working on location) & happy to come to you! Tell us more and we’ll create something just for you. 513-245-4100.
Check out our On Location Services from branding to portraits and more. We’re full service! Even Emmy-award winning video! We also cover Events from community events to nonprofit Galas.

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What our Clients Say

  • Malinda has taken numerous still shots for Wyoming Fire-EMS. She consistently captures the most amazing shots that truly describes the fire service and shows the dedication of these men and women. I would recommend hiring Malinda for action shots, organizational banquets/dinners, events/weddings, as well as individual/family portrait photography. Malinda knows how to produce top quality photographs!
    Director of Recreation & Engagement
    City of Wyoming, Ohio
  • Malinda is a delight to work with. We recently hired Malinda to shoot video and photos of the winner of our small business contest. Malinda's candid photos of the scene were topnotch, and she's also very discreet and sensitive in delicate situations. (We were surprising our contest winner, so it was an unpredictable situation that turned out well.) I highly recommend Malinda for photography and video shooting.
    Senior Content Editor
  • Malinda has been a reliable and trusted photojournalist of multiple fire and police departments in the Greater Cincinnati area for years. She has a unique ability to capture the raw emotion and feelings of emergency responders. Her professionalism and abilities as an artist convinced me to have her shoot my son's senior portraits as well as my family's.
    Steve Conn
    Fire & EMS Pro, Lecturer, RN
  • Malinda did an amazing job on a recent photo shoot where we had a tight deadline. She was setup and ready to roll when we needed her, and was able to get our photo project done and framed just in time for a big event. Every aspect of her service was professional, creative, and exceptional. I highly recommend Malinda if you need a photographer who you can trust to do a great job!
    Allison Chaney
    Chief Digital Training Officer, Director
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Malinda at the CincinnatiEnquirer and later hiring her to provide video consulting services to the Marketing department at Cincinnati Children's. Malinda is highly skilled at her craft and very quick at getting the job done.She is reliable, professional and a pleasure to work with.
    Tim Bonfield
    Senior Associate
    Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center
  • I am proud to recommend Malinda to you - I always found her work, character and professionalism most indispensable. She is an energetic and enthusiastic person who is truly dedicated to her craft and helping people achieve their best.
    Shawn Maus
    Coney Island
Look your Best

Tips on What to Wear

Slimmer: collars & tailored clothing are usually most flattering.

Taller: plain patternless mid-tone clothing looks best, & same “tone” (all light or all dark) for tops AND bottoms

Amazing! Avoid red, trendy, large stripes, plaid, too much black.

Beautiful! Matte makeup typically works much better than sparkly (which looks like white specs in photos). Keep it simple. It’s always easier to bump color in editing than try to soften! Please go very easy on eyeliner, especially on bottom, will make your eyes look smaller.

Hair: don’t do something new that you’ve never done before for your shoot.

Condition. You’ll want your hair to look shiny and well nourished, less flyaways, beautiful and smooth.

Glow. Get that healthy glow going by moisturizing your face, neck, hands! Just don’t over-scrub the day of your photo shoot. If you’re going to exfoliate, please do so a day or 2 beforehand.

Lip Balm: guys as well as gals.

Classic vs trendy! If you’re an artist that updates your image every year, trendy works great! If you’re going to want to use your image for several years, go more classic & simple, from jewelry to clothing.

EYES! Wearing a color that matches or accentuates your eye color ROCKS! Look at that blue shirt with those blue eyes!

Contact & glasses. Sometimes contacts make your eyes look out of focus in photos. It might be a good idea to wear glasses and remove them for your photos. This is TOTALLY up to you! (Obviously we want you to see!)

Collar/neckline. Keep in mind your images will be cropped fairly tight to your face and top of your shoulders. Wearing clothing that falls too low may not show in the frame. Give thought to v’s that may go too deep.

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Choosing, Rights, Delivery

After Your Session

What does retouching involve?

We leave your face looking like your face! But awesome! Brighter eyes, soften (but not eliminate) shadows under eyes, basic blemishes, brighten teeth slightly. We leave your character – moles, scars, and other things that make you look like you. We never make you look plastic!We want Mom to recognize you!

Are there things you really can’t fix?

Yes. Clothing wrinkles, ill-fitting clothing (pay special attention to collars and shoulders for headshots), gapping tops/shirts. At least not without a team of retouchers glued to their computers.

What if I feel like I need more retouching?

Extensive Retouching is available: things like braces, heavy blemishes, extreme hair flyaways & fixes, ‘moderate’ clothing fixes… and of course that adds to the cost of that image due to time involved. Additional Photoshop fee is $125/hour in 30 minute increments. We’ll definitely talk about if this is needed when you view your images. It’s fairly rare.

Can I purchase additional images/prints?

Yes of course! Additional files and/or prints available for purchase while your proof gallery is online, in black & white and/or color.

What size will my images be?

Each image is retouched and sized for final output. For instance if you’re just using the image as your profile on Linkedin vs having a billboard made – very different, right? It’s up to you. At the time of your initial selection, just let us know if you want your shot ready to post, sized for Linkedin. We’re happy to do that for you! So all you need to do is post it! DONE!

Where can I use my images? What rights are included?

Standard rights include prints for yourself, posting to your social profile and website. Commercial rights are extra, negotiated on the basis of reach, time, & usage (magazine, billboard, …). If you’re using image(s) in printed ads, magazine, billboards, things like that then you need a commercial license.

We know you have questions! Please don’t hesitate! It’s always better to ask before your session!! Text, email or call. We’re happy to help!

Contact Us with Any Questions

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