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Learn your camera

Learn Easy Pro Tricks for your camera from Photojournalist Malinda Hartong, with 20 years professional experience.

Beyond AUTO Mode Camera Workshop

Malinda Hartong, photojournalist, shares 20 years of pro experience simplified into TONS of practical tips & tricks easy to understand & implement. Make better images after just the 1st class. Take control of focus, exposure, flash and more. You won’t believe how easy it is!

I have a better understanding of taking pictures the best way I can. I can’t believe how much is on my camera and I’ve had it for 6 years. Tessa

Learn how to fix exposure problems.

Fix FOCUS & EXPOSURE. Ban blur. Easily overcome dark images with Malinda’s MAGIC BUTTON tips.

dslr-hartong1Our Beyond Auto workshop is ongoing, about 8 sessions/year, 8 hours of class & practice time filled with tons of real world examples to help you better use your camera – with page after page of handouts filled with pro tricks (great reference!). Registration cost & class size varies with location.

Today was the first class…WOW. I learned more about my camera in 2 1/2 hours than I learned in a 6 week Intro to Dslr Class I took last year at an art school. Malinda is fantastic. Mirna.

You’ll Learn How To:

bn_redsrookies03Tons of Practical Pro Tricks explained in everyday language! Factory settings don’t even let you choose where the camera focuses! Leave the frustration of Auto Mode behind, and skip the classes & online videos that expect you know all the terms! Intimidation-free workshops designed to get the most out of your camera, painlessly! Open to adults through teens with any interchangeable lens camera (DSLR or mirrorless) or advanced point & shoot (with dial that has P, A, S, M).

TAKE THIS CLASS !!!! You will learn so much about your camera and how to fix common mistakes. Great investment !!! Amanda

Here’s just some of what we cover in our popular DSLR Beyond Auto workshop:

  • FOCUS: We fix this in the 1st class. Tell your camera what YOU want! It’s so easy!
  • FLASH: Doesn’t it always flash at the wrong time in Auto! Flash really is important for great photos but Auto is evil 🙂 You’ll learn when & how to Force Flash (this pro trick will blow your mind! And the best part is how easy it is!) You’ll also learn when NOT to use flash & how to turn it OFF.
  • Mackenzie's photo (age 17)

    Mackenzie’s photo (age 17)

    ACTION!: Tired of blurry photos? Get great action photos! Indoors and out!

  • ZOOM & LENSES: Wide Angle vs. Telephoto. When & how to use which lens for best results, from portraits to landscapes & closeups.
  • PORTRAITS: Get the BEST photos of your family with Malinda’s location & lens tips – without changing any settings!
  • SETTINGS: We simplify Aperture (f-stop), Shutter Speed, & ISO! What they mean and how to EASILY adjust them – forget the confusing formulas! We have easy tricks to get blurred backgrounds for better portraits and sharp action shots in any light!
  • MODES: When & how to use P, A, S, (& avoid using) Manual Mode.
  • COMPOSITION: Tips & Tricks for Dynamic Photos – and easily getting the subject out of the center. You’ll be amazed at how much better your family photos will be! Less editing! More great shots!
  • LIGHTING & EXPOSURE: how to overcome common problems, especially big white splotches on your subject!
  • MAGIC BUTTON: Malinda’s favorite! NAIL the exposure YOU want, not what the camera gives you! You’ll be able to make your shot lighter or darker in a flash ha! 🙂
  • RESOLUTION, SAVINGavoid accidentally destroying your images! Images will look better, crop better, print better!
  • TEENS you’re invited too – if you’re 12-16, you’re asked to bring an adult along (who need not register).
  • If for some reason you’re unable to attend a class, you’re welcome to make it up in the next session.
  • You’re encouraged to share photos after this class, ask lots of questions, and become part of our Photo Family. You’ll get access to our special group where you can post photos & comments.

Very Informative. I thought I would need to understand Manual Mode… Glad I can get what I want with Aperture Priority! Rebecca

Upcoming Beyond AUTO Sessions:

Quick Mobile Friendly Registration – just click blue button below class, enter your email & card info. You’ll be taken to a form to enter name, camera – or scroll down to the purple register button where you can also use PayPal. Both are high level security – we never even see your card number. We never share your personal info! Looking for the perfect gift? Check out our Gift Certificates which can be used for Lessons or Classes.

FULL – May 3 – May 24

4 Tuesday nights, 7-9pm
Springfield Township
our studio near Winton Woods

Special Session June 13-16, 10am-12pm

Adult DSLR BEYOND AUTO Summer Camp
our studio near Winton Woods, 10245 Winton Road, 45231. Convenient to I275 exit 39 (Cincinnati Mills Mall) as well as Cross County Hwy
Very small class size! Daytime session, 4 mornings in a row – perfect for teachers, seniors,…
$150, Early Bird Special $125 for first 3 registrations!

Sept 13 – Oct 4, 7-9pm

Northern Kentucky
4 Tuesday nights
Fort Thomas Rec Center
950 South Ft Thomas Ave
Ft Thomas Ky 41075

Learn easy pro tricks for your camera from portraits to action, even overcome tricky lighting.

Learn easy pro tricks for your camera from portraits to action, even overcome tricky lighting.

Mobile Friendly registration. Just enter your email address & card number – there’s a quick info form on the confirmation page for your full contact & camera info (or email us later). We’ll also send a reminder and detailed directions a few days before your class.

Register Now with any major credit card or PayPal – click class then 1st class date.


Private Lessons

hartong102workshop1 to 1 lessons, from $125, include the same handouts and tips as our most popular camera classes, but are tailored to you, your experience level, interests, and camera – most popular are 2 – 2 hour lessons for $199, and even more fun with a friend. Custom classes are also available for your group.

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DSLR Beyond Auto
"It's her years of field experience, that helps her students better understand their camera's and why their pictures might or might not have turned out the way they were intended." Kara
Learn Easy Pro Tricks
Your photos will never be the same. It's easier than you think.
Crash Course
"Great "crash course". Learned a lot more than expected." Lillian
From Day 1
"Even better than I hoped for. Day one alone was worth the price of admission." Patrick

Success Stories

A mom tried for YEARS to catch a shot of her son breaking a board with his martial arts skills. After the 1st class of our Beyond Auto workshop, she figured out how to capture it - and on the 1st frame! THIS is what makes this workshop so worthwhile, and rewarding for Malinda to share all those years of experience! Another gal tried for 10 YEARS to get a great photograph her all-black pet - they're always tough, but we have black dogs ourselves. After Malinda shared a few tips on lighting, she got several wonderful photos - she was so giddy at the next class! What will your success story be?